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BizArt Group is looking for a qualified intern to join our managerial team.


Applicant must be an undergraduate student who is majoring in Marketing or Management. Should be ready to work in a fast-growing team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing and management: data collection, base creation, market research, social management, project management, risk management, event development and implementation.


Experience in SMM, data collection, event management and project management will be considered as a plus.


- Assist in the implementation for club’s event development in social networks,

- Participate in market researching, data collection and base creation,

- Assist in the points of broadcasting and developing of e-mails, online advertising and informative letters,

- Participate in works of project management and developing,

- Participate in processes of risk analyzing and managing by our team,

- Support to the CRM team and work with clients,

- Participate in designing and implementation of trainings and events,

- Other functions and processes performed by the management team.


  1. Please submit your CV with Photo to the following e-mail: manager@bizart.am
  2. In SUBJECT line please mention "Internship in ABC"
  3. Please mention in the letter why you want to join our team and what you expect during the internship.

You can apply as soon as you see this vacancy announcement  in our site. It will be deleted after filling of mentioned position.